Managing Holiday Stress

The holidays are the best time of the year! There is nothing more heartwarming then spending time with family and friends over a meal, church, or party. However, it can also be the most stressful time of the year. With trying to keep up with gift buying, parties, celebrations, food making, etc, etc….anxiety and stress levels can raise through the roof. My most important number one tip is: 

Plan, Plan, Plan. Make a map for yourself of celebrations to attend, lists of gifts, and once you can visually see the “Holiday Plan”, you can relax…It’s all on paper, you won’t forget anything.

Take advantage of cozy PJ’S and house shoes that are on sale this time of year. Take a warm bath with Epsom salts and slip into some fleece pajamas. Bonus Tip: Toss your pj’s in the dryer for 15 Minutes to make them extra warm and cozy when you put them on.

Appreciate the beauty around you. Really, there are beautiful things everyday, but only once a year are there sparkling lights to brighten up your way to work, or life size candy canes to drool over. Take a walk down the brightest neighborhood and pick your favorite lit up house. Don’t forget to decorate your own tree!

Now is the time to watch all of those sappy Christmas movies. Put your lists and “Holiday maps” away and relax with a holiday film. There’s tons, to pick from, and all of them are simply full of sappy, cheesy, absolutely wonderful happy endings.

Watch your plate. Don’t deprive yourself of the yummy treats available, but keep track. It’s easy to put on a few pounds this time of year. Enjoy yourself, but remember that limits still exist. Stop eating once you are 80 percent full. Bonus tip: there are lots of fun marathons and holiday themed 5k’s to run. Google upcoming events in your area and keep moving. You’ll feel like you’ve earned that big meal!
Remember to enjoy yourself!! 

Love, Skye

Next up: Christmas Gift Buying Guide


5 Tips for Managing Stress

  1. Clean your space. Your house, your workspace, your car. Everywhere you spend time. Clutter is Stress’ sidekick. I find that it is so much easier to come home after a stressful day at the office to a neat and clean house. It’s a relief to know that there is no more to be done and that I can just relax. Bringing us to our next tip…
  2.  Have “Me Time”. Devote at least thirty minutes of your day to YOU. Drink a glass of wine or tea, take a long hot bath, read a book, watch a show. Take care of yourself and allow yourself to unwind. Look forward to this time during your day.
  3. Make Your Chores Bite Sized. Set the timer for 30 minutes and do everything you can in that time. Clean the kitchen one day, the next day, clean the living room. Limit laundry to one load a day. Vacuum one room a day. By doing this, you aren’t allowing chores to pile up, and while something is constantly being cleaned, you are only working for 30 minutes. Don’t go past the timer. If it’s not done, leave it. 
  4. Make Lists. Take a moment the night before to write a list of  what your day will look like tomorrow. By having something to refer to, it brings a sense of preparedness to your day. Don’t stress if your list doesn’t go as planned, constantly tweak it.
  5. Get active. One of the greatest de-stressers is excercise. Whatever you enjoy, make sure it’s something to get you off the couch. Remember, you have me time to look forward to later!

Those are just a few ways I try to keep myself from getting too stressed. What are some of your ways? Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Loving Yourself 

This is a topic that I can go on and on with! It is so important. So I’m just going to jump right in…

Loving yourself plays a really important part in who you are, how others see and treat you, and even how you treat others. 

Sometimes it’s hard to really LOVE yourself. This is something we have all struggled or are struggling with. I know for me personally, I struggled with it, all through high school and even after I graduated. Even now sometimes, its easy to compare myself to others and think, “If only I were like THAT, maybe others would like me more too.”

Here’s the secret:

When you truly love someone, you feel like you know them, right? Same goes for you. In order to love YOU, you have to KNOW you.

Take some time to really get to know yourself. 

Journal more. Ask yourself things like, “If this were my last day to live, what would I do?”  Or, “Who has influenced me the most in life?” And write about it. Write about your favorite things, people, places, who your best friend was in middle school, things you hope to accomplish in the next few days. Write everything down and then read it, again and again. Don’t share anything you’ve written, think of it like a secret that only you know about. 

Take yourself to your favorite Ice-Cream place, your favorite store, buy something new. 

Make time to workout, eat something healthy, get your nails or hair done. When you take care of yourself, it means you love yourself.

Loving yourself is important for those around you too. The way you treat yourself, shows others how they should treat you.

When you start to love yourself, you will find self confidence. With confidence, anything good is possible. You’ll make friends easier, you’ll go to karaoke night and SING, life will be full of adventures like these that you won’t be nervous about doing.

It’s a long road sometimes, but it’s worth it. Love yourself, and everything else falls into place!

The Reason You Lose Friends As You Get Older

Something that happened to me when I reached my twenties and started getting my life together, I found it harder and harder to be with people who didn’t share my mind-set.

I also lost a few friends. But you know what? That’s life.

As you get older you start to have goals, you start to really realize what your purpose is in life, and naturally you want to share your new experiences, and dreams with your friends. Everybody is different, especially when you reach your twenties. It’s like the awkward middle stage where half of your friends are getting drunk every night and partying ( hey you do YOU, no judgments here ) and the other half is making lives for themselves.

It’s easy to have friends in grade school, because you all could relate to one thing: wondering how you were ever going to pass that stupid math class.

Don’t get me wrong, friends can last a lifetime, and those make the best friends. But as you get older, people grow, and mature, and everybody’s lives turn out differently. We are all different people.

As I mentioned before, it got harder for me to be around those who didn’t share a similar lifestyle as me. Although nobody is at fault, let’s be honest…not all of my aquintences are going to want to hear about my pinteresnt board for easy recipes for soup.

Stop thinking something is wrong with you, there’s not. People come and go, the real friends are the ones who are going to stick with you through it all, even if you do share different lifestyles. Keep those friends, cherish them, because friendships like those are rare.

And remember that you’re not only going to lose some friends, but you’ll gain new ones too, who really get you and all your housecleaning tip apps on your iPhone, wether they like housecleaning or not.

Stay tuned because I’m going to go on a whole ‘nother discussion about true friends vs fake friends.

For now, have fun and cherish this crazy time in your life.

Life can only get better from here!


Gone Girl – Book Review

So I just finished reading the book that almost everyone had been talking about after the movie release: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. A thriller that delivered, without dissapointment. 

Absolutely spectacular!

The book is about just what the title states: Gone Girl. It starts off from one man’s perspective as we see his present situation: his wife goes missing on their anniversary. Confused he contacts the police, who investigate the crime scene….their house.

In the very next chapter we see the beginning of his wife’s diary, telling how they met. 

From then on, it alternates between chapters of her diary and then back to the husband, which, I personally think was a brilliant way to keep the audience’s attention and switching up pace. 

The book goes deep into the psychology of the characters, almost from the very beginning, as the pages from the diary reveal the wife’s personality and the author describes the huband’s by merely describing the circumstances he is experiencing.

Then, just when you think the mystery had been solved, right in the middle of the book comes the greatest plot twist ever done on paper.

I’ve seen many plot twists, but ladies and gentlemen, this may be the best one I’ve ever seen. 

Gillian Flynn won a place on the New York Times Best Seller List, as well as a deep respect from myself for her intelligent writing, and Gone Girl is the best selling of her books to date.

In it’s first year, over two million copies were sold.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, as a deep, interesting read is hard to find these days.

If you’ve already read it, or even if you plan on reading it, let me know what you think in the comments!


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Healthy Relationships – Understanding 

Soooo, I was thinking about starting a mini series on healthy relationships, which I thought would be an interesting topic to write about! I plan on starting this mini series with posts about Healthy Relationships every Tuesday! If you guys have any ideas, questions, or specific topics you think I should write about, let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!

Jumping right in…

Relationships are a topic that I think people have different opinions and views on. People have unrealistic expectations from movies, books, watching OTHER relationships and the applying those expectations to real life. The truth is, each and every relationship is going to have SOME kind of imperfection to it. 

First off, if this isn’t obvious enough, boys are different from girls and girls are different from boys. I don’t think I need to go any further with THAT but that being said….of course there are going to be opposite opinions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, etc.

I think a big part of being in a healthy relationship is learning to UNDERSTAND. 

Not just thinking that you understand your partner, but truly understanding the way their personality works, how the handle things, how they express emotions, is the key to healthier communications.

I heard a story from someone that has stuck with me for awhile that I thought would be a good main part of this article: 

Imagine a scene where a couple is introduced to someone who could be a possible business partner. The man they are introduced to talks to them, drinks his wine, shakes their hand and then closes the conversation.

Later that night, the couple is talking about their meeting and Jim asks Sally what she thought of the man they were introduced to. 

Sally replies with: “I didn’t like his tone of voice.” Jim understands that Sally uses her intuition to judge situations, and by her response, she sensed something was off. 

Later, it’s revealed that the man they were introduced to had stolen money from his boss. 

It’s a simple story, but it’s part of the point. Understanding the way your partner THINKS keeps you both on the same level.

Another example is a relationship where one person is an introvert, the otger is an extravert. 

In a healthy relationship, the extravert understands the introvert’s need for quiet time and may take a quiet weekend or two as a compromise for the introvert. Vise versa: the introvert may plan a night out with friends so company can be enjoyed. They understand their partner’s needs. The first step to understanding is always compromise. 

Understanding also plays a part in how arguments are handled. And yes, arguments do come up, in EVERY relationship. 

Understanding how your partner expresses emotion, wether you like their way or not, gives you a chance to communicate and come up with solutions faster. 

And again, each and every relationship is going to have some kind of imperfection to it, but some good friends of mine always tell me, that a good relationship is two people who TRY, and I think understanding plays a big part in that.

Thoughts? Questions?

Comment, subscribe, and let me know what you have to say!

My Digital Planner, Organizer and Notebook 

In my post on “Ten Things To Always Have in Your Bag” I mentioned my digital planner. When my loving boyfriend surprised me with a tablet, the first thing I did was set up my calendar, contacts and planners. I prefer digital as opposed to paper, because you can set reminders up for yourself to help remember certain events ( BIG plus for me. ) not to mention having everything in one place! I thought I would do a post on how my digital organizers are set up and which apps I use ( all of them are free and I got them off of the Play Store ).

Here’s a glance at my calender. I use Google Calendar rather than the one that comes on the tablet. 

It opens up to a monthly glance, which can be changed to daily or weekly. I color code each type of events. Yellow for bills, Orange for birthdays, Blue for Errands, etc. Each event I set a reminder which will pop up on my homescreen of my tablet a few days before.

When you click a specific event or reminder, it will show this screen. Here, I have the time, location and notes of the event. If you have Google maps like me, it will sync with it and show you directions to the event. 

This is from my Address book app I got on the Google Playstore. I like this one because it is pretty thorough for contacts like a paper address book would be. 

It will also catagorize contacts in groups, making it easier to find the person you are looking for.

A BIG favorite of mine is the “Moleskin Journal” app, and I love how they are based off of the real moleskin paper notebooks.

It even has the cover when you open the app with the band that you have to slide back to get into your notebook

On the inside you’ll see a menu of all the notebooks the app had to offer. I belive you can also create your own and there is no limit. 

A favorite of mine is the Weekly Planner:

They also give you tools in the toolbox which ou can use to write, draw, erase, and even highlight like you would in real life, as well as the “Front Pocket” like the paper notebooks where you can stash photos and clips of things.

Creating and color coding notebooks to even further organize is easy too. 

I love love LOVE this app because I can carry around multiple notebooks in my purse in one tiny tablet. It’s also free and in the iTunes app store as well as the Google Play store.

  1. Everything is in one place. I can’t stress how simple that makes my life.
  2. Digital Reminders 
  3. The ability to share events with others via email
  4. Faster 
  5. Free
  6. Color coding 
  7. Cloud sharing to sync with other devices


  1. Device runs out of battery
  2. Device can get lost
  3. If not saved on the Cloud, information can be lost of device is damaged

What are some of yalls thoughts on digital and paper planning? What do you prefer? Subscribe and comment your ideas in the box below as well as a link to your own blog so I can check it out!

How to Get Ready in 15 Minutes in the Morning

For those who like sleep more than makeup, busy people, or just for the plain lazy.

Just going to jump right in!

This is my timed morning routine:

1. Make Bed – 2 Min max

I find that if you make your bed, it instantly pulls the room together and makes it look clean, no matter how much dirty laundry is on the floor.

2. Start Coffee – 2 Min max

It’s easiest if you have a coffee maker, and while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, feed your animals if you have any.

3.  Shower – 7 Min max

An old trick I learned it to wash your hair with a little bit of extra shampoo. When you rinse your hair, let the shampoo run down your skin instead of using soap ( this trick is only for quick morning showers, always scrub down if you have time ). Brush your teeth in the shower to save minutes.

4. Makeup – 4 Min max

Drink your coffee while you do your makeup. Depending on your hair length, you can braid it or put it in a bun while it’s wet, and when it’s dry you’ll have instant curls. A good quick makeup routine with the bare basics is the key here. Concealer, one color eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. ( 5 minute makeup routine YouTube Video coming soon! )
Sleep in today, and use these tips, and let me know how they worked out for you! Comment YOUR Morning Routine and as always, subscribe and send me your blog so I can check it out!

Ten Things to Always Have in Your Bag

Guys, I am OBSESSED with my new Vera Bradley bag! In celebation, I decided to make a check list of ten things you should always carry with you in your bag. Also, as soon as it is up, I will post a link to my youtube channel on my review of Vera Bradley and a “What’s in My Bag” video. That being said, here’s my must have contents.


As if this one isn’t obvious, always ALWAYS carry tampons or pads in your purse, not only for you, but extra for a female friend that may have forgotten to bring some and had a visit from Mother Nature earlier than expected. We have all been that female friend.

2. Stain Remover Kit

Usually these can be found in the travel sections at any grocery store, or laundry isle. Any kind of kit, or stain remover pen, is a must have. No one likes to spill red wine on their new white t shirt, which is basically a big flashing sign that says: “I just turned 21, I cannot hold my wine glass properly. No, I dont need you to show me.” ( Not speaking from experience here or anything….)
3. Energy Supplement 

Long work days, night out with the girls, or just for plain fun. Keep some kind of an energy supplement in your bag. Powders that can be mixed with water are handy and don’t take up much room, but if you’re bag is big enough and you want to take a whole energy drink bottle with you, I won’t judge you, Mary Poppins.

4. Phone Charger

Phones need energy too.

5. Makeup Remover Wipes and Extra Makeup

Sweaty faces equal makeup traces. Enough said.
6. Advil

Don’t let a headache get in the way of your fun, keep a whole bottle in your bag, but watch the expiration dates.

7. Notebook or Planner

This is one of my favorite things! It’s your choice if you prefer paper or digital. I went digital with my planner and address book and now keep everything on my tablet organized in an app that syncs with my other devices. I find it handy to have my calendar, addresses, phone numbers and planner all in one spot. I’m also going to do a youtube video on how I set up my planner. Link to follow.

8. Hair Ties and Brush

If you’re like me, you end up forgetting where most of your hair ties ended up. I like to keep a whole package of hair ties in my bag.

9. Deodorant and Lotion

Deodorant is there for obvious reasons.

10 Pen 

Smallest and one of the most important things. I keep a few in my bag because people have a habit of keeping them once you let them borrow one.
That just about covers it. Let me know what YOUR bag essentials are, I’m nosey and I like to see the contents of other people’s purses.

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Love you all!