The Reason You Lose Friends As You Get Older

Something that happened to me when I reached my twenties and started getting my life together, I found it harder and harder to be with people who didn’t share my mind-set.

I also lost a few friends. But you know what? That’s life.

As you get older you start to have goals, you start to really realize what your purpose is in life, and naturally you want to share your new experiences, and dreams with your friends. Everybody is different, especially when you reach your twenties. It’s like the awkward middle stage where half of your friends are getting drunk every night and partying ( hey you do YOU, no judgments here ) and the other half is making lives for themselves.

It’s easy to have friends in grade school, because you all could relate to one thing: wondering how you were ever going to pass that stupid math class.

Don’t get me wrong, friends can last a lifetime, and those make the best friends. But as you get older, people grow, and mature, and everybody’s lives turn out differently. We are all different people.

As I mentioned before, it got harder for me to be around those who didn’t share a similar lifestyle as me. Although nobody is at fault, let’s be honest…not all of my aquintences are going to want to hear about my pinteresnt board for easy recipes for soup.

Stop thinking something is wrong with you, there’s not. People come and go, the real friends are the ones who are going to stick with you through it all, even if you do share different lifestyles. Keep those friends, cherish them, because friendships like those are rare.

And remember that you’re not only going to lose some friends, but you’ll gain new ones too, who really get you and all your housecleaning tip apps on your iPhone, wether they like housecleaning or not.

Stay tuned because I’m going to go on a whole ‘nother discussion about true friends vs fake friends.

For now, have fun and cherish this crazy time in your life.

Life can only get better from here!



4 thoughts on “The Reason You Lose Friends As You Get Older

  1. ruthyloops says:

    Sorting and losing friends are indeed part of maturity.
    Your works are awesome! Followed this blog. 🙂 I would like to hear from you what you think about loving oneself if you don’t mind. Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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